Neuro is a creative agency harnessing advanced technologies to build a sustainable future for the Fashion Industry


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Neuro was created in 2014 with the goal of developing an innovative digital process that would remodel the fashion industry as a means to make it fully sustainable.

In 2016, Neuro debuted the world’s first-ever digital collection, which revealed the studio’s avant-garde methodology alongside a virtual campaign, runway show and lookbook.

For its second collection SOLVENTUS 2019, Neuro has spent a year pushing the limits of 3D softwares and engineering — a year in which Neuro’s team was dedicated to improving and streamlining their digital process:

Models were 3D scanned to study their motion and heat maps, which enabled Neuro’s designers to not only obtain each model’s precise measurements, but also to design garments directly onto each model’s digital avatar — drawing shapes and selecting materials dependent on data collected from their movements and heat maps.

Neuro Studio has built its methodology around one idea; The same 3D file created during the design phase will be used to promote, sell and produce a garment:

Process MD Look 03
Process MD Look 01